For this winter 2017, Marion Vidal and Christian Wijnants teamed up to create a series of four mono-earrings. Marion Vidal drew her inspiration from Christian Wijnants research work on prints, translating the patterns from the fabrics into ear jewelry. Mobiles with nervous, delicate curves,the earrings are graffitis of golden metal that respond to the bold and graphic prints of the Christian Wijnants ready-to-wear collection inspired by virtual travels to Persia.

Made in a Parisian goldsmith’s workshop, the earrings bear the imprint of their handwork. Like the ready-to-wear pieces that can be mixed and matched, the four earrings can be worn solo or as a matching or mismatched pair.

Marion Vidal and Christian Wijnants met when they were both students at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. This collaboration is the first time they have combined their creative universes.